I've been studying  and teaching Stress Management and Health Enhancement Techniques for over 30 years, as a corporate career coach, life coach, and holistic practitioner.  About Judy >

I have gathered these techniques from my travels to places like Machu Picchu in Peru, the Rain Forest in Ecuador, the mountains in Guatemala and the Navajo Reservation and have had the honor and privilege of studying with medicine people and Qi Gong Masters along the way. 


The most important thing I have discovered is that we all have the ability to cultivate wellness and serenity in our lives, but most of us need assistance in accessing it. 


Now that I am a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser I have also realized that most of the healing modalities that I have studied, taught and used all of these years are rooted in the ancient, powerful Chinese Medicine practices of Qi Gong. Qi (pronounced Chee) means energy and Gong means is all about working with our own energy and the energy of all of nature and the universe.  

I envision Qi Gong becoming as popular as yoga in our Western Culture. I love yoga too,  I am actually a certified yoga instructor, but  I have developed a passion for Qi Gong. It is easier to learn, offers immediate health benefits, can be practiced anywhere and needs no equipment.  

Qi Gong is not just a physical exercise, it offers a pathway to a serene and healthy lifestyle, and spiritual enlightenment. 

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Judy Milinowski

"Judy is, simply put, the very best I have worked with in her field. She puts people in a safe environment and helps them see the possibilities within themselves. She has worked with many many of my clients and their teams and has always gotten rave reviews and has always been asked back.   Judy is A#1.  I could not recommend anyone more! "


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