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Teacher Training

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Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program

This Certification program will include:
Three 10-week workshops: Journey into Qigong for Self-Healing via ZOOM

  • Part I - Ten Phases of Qigong

  • Part II - Internal Qigong

  • Part III - Using Qi Power in Everyday Life

One weekend per month workshops for 10 months.
The next session will run from September 2023 -June 2024 

These programs are in-person in Boothbay Harbor Maine. Suggestions for reasonably priced overnight accommodations will be available.

Classes will run from 9am – 5pm each day with ample time off for lunch in one of the many great restaurants in town or you can bring lunch and sit in one of the many scenic locations nearby. Half of each weekend session will be Qigong focused on the Qigong Classic Systems and half will be Holistic Healer Training, learning Holistic Modalities rooted in the Ancient Practices of Qigong.

Qigong Curriculum

  • Qigong Curriculum

  • September 18th and 19th  - Qigong Classic Systems

  • October 16th and 17th  - Warm Up – Joints and Glands / Wuji Warm Up / Tapping

  • November 20th and 21st  -  Bone Morrow Cleansing / 8 Brocades

  • December 18th and 19th - Healing Sounds / Organ Cleanse

  • January 15th and 16th - Coiling Silk

  • February 19th and 20th Animal Frolics

  • March 19th and 20th  - Taiji Ruler

  • April 23rd and 24rth Muscle Tendon Change Qigong – Fountain of Youth

  • May 21st and 22nd  - Primordial Qigong

  • June 21st and 22nd  - Eighteen Lohan Qigong from the Shaolin Temple

  • Holistic Healer Curriculum

  • Acupressure / Meridian System / Energy System / Chakras / Kinesiology

  • Reiki I and II – You will receive a separate Practitioner Certification

  • Feng Shui / Bach Flower Remedies / Creating Sacred Space

  • Accessing Intuition / Channeling

  • Emotional Freedom Technology EFT

  • Shamanic Healing: Extraction / Soul Retrieval / Medicine Wheel

  • Deep Emotional Release Work / Trauma Clearing

  • External Medical Qigong Healing

  • Emotional Reset

  • Practical Application / Setting up a Practice

Woven throughout the curriculum will be opportunities to attain an understanding of the Theories of Qi: What Qi is, How Qi works, The 3 Dan Tien’s, Jing, Qi, and Shen, Yin and Yang polarity, and The Five Element Theory. Esoteric Qigong Meditations and Visualizations will be shared and practiced during each weekend session.


Requirements for Certification

  • Completion of all 3 10-Week Journey into Qigong for Self-Healing Sessions via Zoom. (These can be taken prior to the 10 Month Program, simultaneously during the 10 Month Program, or completed after the 10 Month Program)

  • Participation in all 10 Weekends (if a weekend is missed, arrangements may be made for make-up at the expense of the student).

  • Choose 3 Qigong related approved books from Book List and read and write 3reports.

  • Practice the Healing Modality during each month on at least one person per week and submit a brief report on the session using the forms provided.

  • Have a minimum of one Qigong Healing Session with Judy ($125 additional fee)

  • Demonstrate ability to lead 3 Qigong Classic Systems.

  • Pass Qigong / Holistic Healer Test at end of the Program. (open book with your notes)


This program is a unique offering combining both the opportunity to become a Certified Qigong Teacher and a Certified Holistic Practitioner. The program also includes a separate certification as a Reiki Practitioner. A Reiki Mastership will also be available upon completing this certification if there is an interest. Although many students attend this type of training with an eye to becoming a professional Qigong Teacher or Practitioner, many others use it as an opportunity to a deepen their relationship to Qigong and an approach to personal enrichment. Many students who join our programs take our training specifically for a lifelong self-enriching experience. Some will choose to teach or open a practice and others will not.

This program has been developed by Judy and will be delivered by Judy with occasional guest presenters. Judy not only has certifications in all of the modalities she is offering but has over 30 years of teaching and delivering workshops and over 10 years of experience with running a private Holistic Practice. She has graduated 18 students from a Holistic Healer program, and hundreds of students from one-year full Reiki Mastership programs. For a full biography and list of credentials Click Here.

*Although there is presently no national standard for a Qigong Certification, This program is based on the National Qigong Association (NQA) Requirements for Professional Membership and Certification. It is supported by the full faith of their
membership organization and may act to enhance and highlight your professional standing.

Pricing for Qigong Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program
Total Price - $2,000


Each 10-Week Segment is $200 for a total of $600 toward the total $2,000. The remaining $1,400 is due prior to the beginning of the 10-month segment in September. A discount of $200 will be offered if the entire amount is paid in full at the beginning of the program.

2 scholarships of $1400 will be available to students that have completed and paid for the 3 – 10-Week Sessions. To apply write a 2-page essay on why you are interested in the program and the reason for needing the scholarship.


For more information contact Judy Milinowski at

See FAQs for more information 

Registration Form

Complete the form below to sign up for the Pricing for Qigong Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program Total Price - $2,000 put the letters JQG in the message box. Or make arrangements with Judy for monthly payments. It is $1400 if you have already taken the 3 required 10-Week Sessions and paid for them,  $1200 if you have paid for the 3 - 10-Week Sessions and are paying in full prior to the beginning of the Teacher Training. 

Payments can be made by clicking on the Pay-Pal account button or by contacting Judy at or 203-253-1738 for more information or to make other payment arrangements.  We accept Visa, MC and American Express. No registration will be confirmed until payments have been made and approved.  You will receive a confirmation after payment is made.

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