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Frequently Asked Questions

About Qigong

1. What is Qigong?
It is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies. It combines gentle easy movements, meditation, breathing techniques, and visualization to increase the flow of energy in the body to release stress, improve the immune system, and bring about optimal health.

2. How do you pronounce Qigong?
Qi Gong is pronounced Chee Gong, it can also be spelled Qi Kung, Chi Kung, Ki Kung.


3. What does Qigong Mean?
Qi means energy and Gong can mean work, skill, or methodology.


4. Is Qigong like Tai Chi?
The benefits of Qigong are similar to Tai Chi, but it is easier to learn and it can be done in a small space.


5. What are the benefits of Qigong?
Stress management, increased immunity, pain relief, optimal health, and it is considered the ultimate anti-aging remedy.


6. What are the medical benefits of Qigong?
It has proven to be an effective adjunct in the treatment of chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, headaches, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, cancer, and heart disease.


7. Who will benefit from Qigong practice?
Anyone interested in living a longer healthier, increasing self-awareness, enhancing well-being, and seeking spiritual advancement.


8. How long does it take to realize the benefits of Qigong?
Qigong is a lifetime study and practice, but anyone consistently practicing even as little as 15 – 20 minutes 5 out of every 7 days will realize immediate benefits.


9. How much space do I need?

The largest inside space you would need is a square 6ft x 6ft.


10. Do I need any equipment?
Only a willing body and mind.


11. I am brand new to Qigong how do I get started?
A. Attend one of the Free Introductory Workshops.
B. Attend one of the Free weekly virtual classes right from your own living room or office.


12. Who will benefit from attending The Journey into Qigong for Self-Healing 10-week Series?
Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the magic and mysteries of Qigong, increasing their motivation and commitment, and deepening their practice of Qigong.

13. I have not been active for a long time, will I be able to participate?

It is especially helpful for those who have not been especially active for a while and wish to become more flexible. Let the instructor know any limitations.  


14. I have bad Knees, will I be able to do Qi Gong?

Qigong can be done standing or sitting, even in a wheelchair.  Let the instructor know your limitations and if you will need to be sitting.

15. Why is Qigong a perfect panacea for the pandemic?

Qigong will help with the added stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and isolation brought on by the pandemic.  It is easy to learn, offers immediate benefits, needs no equipment, no special spaces, and will give you a connection to a like minded community via ZOOM. 


How does Zoom work?


If you are not familiar with couldn't be easier as long as you have a computer and the internet you will be able to join the group. 


1. The link is below. You will need to cut and paste it into your browser (Google Chrome seems to work best, but IE and edge will work also). You can either download and run it or just click on join from your browser. 


2. Join 15 minutes early to make sure you can get in...for your security you will enter the waiting room and I will admit you up until the time of the start of the start of class I will lock the meeting room and you will not be able to attend the class.


3. Make sure you "join with computer audio". You can leave the video on if you would be fun to just check in with each other for the first 15 minutes...and you can unmute the audio and we can chat, but I will mute ALL once we get started to limit distractions. 


Join Zoom Meeting with this link for all classes. If you don't get in for some reason, please text me after the class and I will try to assist you so you can come to the next class

"I have long admired Judy's holistic approach to Transition coaching. She brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to the work, and openly offers it all to others with both skill and compassion. I learned a great deal from Judy during our time together and am happy to recommend her."

Jan Thompson

Executive Consultant Partners International

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