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Journey into Self-Healing

10-Week Series 

Journey into Self-Healing


The next Journey into Self-Healing Session 


 “Joy is that kind of happiness that does not depend on what happens.” “Joy seems to me a step beyond happiness — happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes, when something good happens. Joy is a light that fills you with hope and faith and love.”

 I think we could all use some more hope, faith and universal love in our lives these days! 


Some of the topics will be:


Joy vs Happiness

Accepting What We Cannot Change

Attitude of Gratitude

Training the Monkey Mind


Helping Others

Peace of Mind

Nirvana, Dissolving into Bliss

Let the Magic Begin


We will explore these topics through meditation, discussion, writing, process poetry, exercises, and Qigong



I am offering an opportunity to taste the delicious new life that awaits you when you step into the world of Self-Healing and Qigong, an integral part of Chinese Medicine!  Learn how to work with energy and draw on the natural ability of the body to lower stress levels, boost your immune system and enhance yourself healing abilities.  Join a comprehensive, groundbreaking, educational and experiential program. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of Self-Healing Qigong Techniques and gain support for incorporating these tools into your life.

What it includes:

  • Meditation/visualization

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Physical Exercises - Qigong 

  • Didactic Topic Information 

  • Healing Grief Techniques 

  • Handouts

  • Recordings of each session

  • Support from Group 

Fee: $200 

If you have not attended one of the 10 -week sessions before, I invite you to come to the first session to see if it is for you before you comit.

Scroll down for payment information

Call me for more information:

Judy Milinowski 203-253-1738

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone wishing to take a Healing Journey into JOY

  • Anyone wishing to explore their capacity for JOY

  • Anyone wishing to discover where they block JOY

  • Anyone wishing to Increase deep sleep

  • Anyone wishing to improve their immune system

  • Anyone fighting depression

  • Anyone wishing to deepen connection to self and others

  • Anyone wishing to learn healing techniques for the Art of Maintaining JOY!

  • Anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment

  • Anyone interested in healthy longevity

See FAQs for more information 

See Descriptions of other 10-Week

Series Below

Part I – Ten Phases of Qigong



Week I – Discover Qi – Learn how to access Qi

Week II – Gather Qi – Harness Qi from all of nature and the cosmos

Week III – Circulate Qi -  Use Qi to assist in entering into a state free of anxiety

Week IV – Purify Qi -  Releasing what no longer serves you

Week V – Direct Qi – Begin to direct Qi for self-healing

Week VI – Conserve Qi – Build a reservoir of Qi following healthy lifestyle

Week VII – Store Qi – Clear the system of disharmony 

Week VIII – Transform Qi – Create the elixir of spirit medicine

Week IX – Dissolve in Qi – Eliminate fear by becoming one with all that is

Week X – Transmit Qi – Sending universal energy to others for healing        

Part Il – Internal Qigong 

Part ll is focused on very specific Qigong exercises for each part and system of the body.


This system of Internal Exercises have been in practice for over 6,000 years. These practices have:

  1. Scientific Backup

  2. Are proven to possess great value

  3. Are all natural

  4. They have no side effects


You will not only learn and practice these exercises, but you will have an opportunity to customize them for your unique body conditions. 



Week l – Introduction to Internal Qigong

Week ll – Qigong is Taoist Yoga 

Week lll – The Nature of Energy

Week IV – Qigong for Heart Health 

Week V – Qigong for Glands

Week VI – Qigong for The Nervous System

Week Vll – Qigong for the Whole Body

Week Vlll – Qigong Healing Prescriptions 

Week IX – Customizing Everyday Practice

Week X – Review and Integration 

Requirement for Qigong Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program 

Part Ill – Using Your Qi Power

Part lll takes Qigong to a practical application in our everyday lives. We begin to realize the impact Qigong can have on every aspect of our lives. As we build the connection to the energies around us the Qi begins to inform our decisions and changes our life. Part lll will lift the curtain and show you what this really means to be connected to divine source.

Week I – Qi the energy of Universal Love: Open the door to permanent connection
Week 11 – Qi the Gateway to Courage and Honesty: Relinquishing fear
Week 111 – Qi of Relationships: Opening the heart to deeper connections
Week IV – Qi as Money: Improving your relationship to money and success
Week V – Qi of Personal Power – Cultivating optimal person functioning
Week VI – Qi of Winning: Using the power of the universe for a winning life
Week V11 – Qi of Beliefs: Nurturing supportive beliefs
Week Vl111– Qi for Inner Peace: The pathway to greater peace in the world
Week IX – Qi of Intuition: Develop pathways to higher frequencies and wisdom 
Week X – Qi is an Evolutionary Tool: The call to effect man’s conscious evolution

Requirement for Qigong Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program 

Registration Form

Complete the form below to sign up for the 10-week series Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing

The Healing Journey of Grief - Tuesday March 15th - May 17th

Fee - $200 for the Series ($20 per week)

Put the letters JQG in the message box. Or make arrangements with Judy to pay $25 per week.  


Payments can be made by clicking on the Pay-Pal account button (Buy Now) below or by contacting Judy at or 203-253-1738 for more information or to make other payment arrangements.  We accept Visa, MC and American Express. No registration will be confirmed until payments have been made and approved.  You will receive a confirmation after payment is made.

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