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Reiki I and II

Certification Programs

                   Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing art that stimulates your body’s innate healing      

                 ability, encouraging a return to wellness.  All dis-ease is rooted in the human

                 energy field, and it is the underlying energetic patterns that must be addressed to

                 create conditions for wellness.  Reiki reconnects you with your ability to heal yourself,

                 others, plants, and pets.


                 Reiki does not require complicated techniques or extensive training.  It is easy to learn

                 and use.  It is available to anyone who has a desire to practice Reiki. 


                Reiki I

                You will learn the origins of Reiki and receive Reiki attunements to enhance

                 your ability to transmit life force energy through your hands.  You will practice giving

                 Reiki and enjoy the benefits of receiving Reiki.  You will leave feeling replenished and

                 nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


                  Reiki II

              You will receive attunements and the Reiki symbols that will open you to a higher level of intuition and

                 awareness.  You will receive certificates and be fully trained to be a Reiki Practitioner.

                 Please call for more information about the Master Program


                 Reiki I – Saturday January 20th, 2024 - 1 - 5 PM

                 Reiki II – Sunday January 21st - 1- 5 PM 

                 Reiki Mastership 6 Month Program Starting in April - One Saturday a month.

            Reiki I -$125
            Reiki II -$125 
            Both Reiki I and II - $225          


                  Reiki Mastership - $1200 ($1000 if you have done Reiki I and Reiki II with me)


          Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Reiki Mastership

Certification Program

  Call for more information - 203-253-1738 or


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Judy sets up a class in such a way that it’s fun and interesting.  Judy is an extremely knowledgeable, authentic, patient and caring teacher. Take this class if you are looking to feel calm, restored and in control of your life and body. It’s so empowering to have tools to help you through every day. Thank you, Judy!

Francine R.

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