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To Blog, or not to Blog?

I started a blog a few years ago but I found it hard to stay motivated. I remember thinking...who needs another "How To" out there or more inspirational wisdom about how to live life. But I have changed my perspective on blogging and realized that in this crazy, busy, over-stimulating world we live in...what we  do need is connection to each other. Like it or not blogging is one of this centuries vehicles for connecting..person to person, heart to heart...and eventually even soul to soul. 

While hiking in Peru, 3,000 miles from the distractions of home it was easy to feel fully connected to my higher self, my spiritual guides, the universe and everything in it. I long to feel this deep connection in my ordinary everyday life. When I remember to do my spiritual practices I do still feel that connection, but the truth is it isn't easy because I have amnesia. Much of the time I go about my day and forget all that I know about being connected.

The fact is that I need to blog for me and by sharing what is transpiring in my life I will find a way to stay on track, even on the busiest days, and be able to maintain that delicious connection. Perhaps I will be able spark a connection for you as well. 

So I intend to use this blog to re-ignite my connection to all that I know to be true and to hold the door open to the wisdom I've gained over the years. I would love to have you along with me on this journey.


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