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Feng Shui & Bach Flower Remedies for Increased Health and Peace of Mind

November 2021

I have dubbed my good friend Jane Cheema, the Queen of Feng Shui and the Sage of Bach Flower Remedies. Back when I was teaching a program on resilience in the corporate world, I often used Jane as an example of someone with incredible resilience. Someone who could take difficult situations and not only turn them to her advantage but grow and thrive from them. Due to her husband’s work, Jane moved around the world eighteen times in as many years while rearing three amazing children.

She was determined to make the most of her extraordinary lifestyle and always found things to learn and courses to take wherever she landed. During one of her many moves, this one to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she began a long-distance course in Interior Design from New York School of Design. This led her into the world of Feng Shui, and she found the perfect Master to study with in Malaysia. Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of the placement of things to ensure good energy or good luck in the home and your place of work.

Feng means wind and Shui means water. The flow and movement of them constitutes good Feng Shui and this translates to good relationships, health, vitality, and feelings of well-being. In Feng Shui you use a tool called the Bagua that visually divides a room up into nine different parts each of which addresses certain areas in our lives: wealth, fame, love, family, health, children, knowledge, career, and friends. By clearing any clutter in each area of the room and paying attention to the placement of objects and use of colors one can bring harmony and well-being into the room, the entire house and ultimately into our energy field and our bodies.

The first time I entered Jane’s house many years ago, it felt like floating into another world. The positive energy was palpable, and my eyes were met with a feast of visual delights in every nook and cranny. I had never heard of Feng Shui at that time, but I knew there was something unusual going on here and as usual Jane was willing to share her knowledge. I have used Feng Shui in my most recent home and I must admit after moving here four years ago I can only say that every room in this house makes me smile!

Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Jane during another move, this one to London, England. Bach Flower Remedies are part of a homeopathic system of healing

Developed by Dr. Bach who believed that a person’s state of mind, personality traits, moods and temperament were often the cause of illness. He understood very early on that an imbalance of our physical and mental equilibrium could not only cause disease but slow down or even hinder recovery.

Western medicine has finally caught up with this way of understanding the causes of many of our major diseases and medical conditions. I very often remind my students that “dis-ease” in the body eventually causes disease.

Jane’s interest and a deep understanding of these concepts led her to study with a teacher in England for three years and eventually earn a diploma from the Bach Center in Boston, MA.

I can not tell you the number of times over the years when I have gotten myself out of balance over life’s difficult times that I have run to Jane for another round of Bach Flower Remedies. They kept me going during my daughter’s divorce and custody battles. They helped one of my granddaughter’s through a traumatic “first love” breakup. In general, they lessen anxiety, grief, feelings of being overwhelmed, depression and fatigue.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies bring balance to the emotions that are common to all human-kind. Luckily, they were approved in the US by the FDA in 1981 and the understanding and availability of these remedies have been spreading in our country ever since.

In today’s stress filled world I think they should be a staple in everyone’s tool kit for health and well-being. I have been lucky enough to have Jane as a friend and she has been more than willing to share her special gifts with me. Jane has offered many workshops in our area over the years, and I have again asked her to share her gifts with anyone who might be interested.

Jane will join me on November 20th for a Feng Shui De-Cluttering and Creating Sacred Spaces Workshop and November 21st for a Bach Flower Workshop here in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

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