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Reiki Delivers Health, Deep Relaxation, Comfort and JOY!

I got a call late one night from my daughter who was in graduate school five hours away. She was in the hospital having an appendicitis attack and the doctors wanted to operate immediately. My immediate reaction was to say, “absolutely not”. My husband and I jumped in the car and raced to Virginia arriving just before dawn. They were just going to wheel her into the operating room. I asked for a few minutes alone with her.

The doctors were saying they couldn’t wait much longer; she was racked with pain, and all the blood work indicated that the surgery was necessary. Without having a clue what I was doing I placed my hands on her abdomen, called in my angels and guides, and prayed for the pain to stop.

Within a short time, her body began to relax, and she fell into what seemed like a deep sleep. Somehow, I convinced the doctors to hold off the surgery for a while longer. We sat with her, and I continued to hold my hands on her belly. Since she had become a systematic the doctors decided to repeat the blood work and to the shock of everyone, all the blood counts were normal.

We took her back to her apartment a few hours later and she has never again had an appendix attack. My daughter reported that when I placed my hands on her abdomen it became very, very hot, that is all she remembers. To this day have no idea why I had that strong reaction and I still do not know why I did what I did.

Once back home I was obsessed with what had happened and started to research energy healing. That is when I found Reiki. I realized I might have some kind of a gift and if that were true, I wanted to know everything I could about using it. I took Reiki I and was certified in Reiki II and eventually became a Reiki Master and I have been using Reiki combined with other modalities in my work ever since.

Shortly after becoming a Reiki Master our 18-year-old cat, Kitsey, disappeared for three days. We were sure we would never see her again. Then, on the fourth day I found her unresponsive on our back lawn. I scooped her up and took her to the Vet. He said she probably ate something toxic or had some internal injuries. He suggested that given her age, we take her home, keep her comfortable and she would probably pass away in a few days.

I took her to my son’s room who was away at college. She just laid on the bed and was not eating or drinking, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would have to tell my son she was gone. I decided to do some Reiki on her and then left her in peace. The next morning, she was on her feet and drinking water. I did Reiki again. The next morning, she started eating again, so I did Reiki again. The third morning she was leaping from the bed to the dresser and racing around the room like I had not seen her do since she was a kitten. I could not believe my eyes! Kitsey, lived to be 22. Reiki does bring comfort and joy!

I learned that there are many types of energy work, and while all energy healers use life force energy, not all use Reiki. Reiki is different from other healing energy because you do not have to learn how to use it, you have to be attuned to it. When I first moved to Maine in 2000, I attuned literally hundreds of people to the Reiki Energy and graduated dozens of Reiki Masters in my workshops.

It has been many years since I offered Reiki workshops, I did not feel the need since they were being offered in so many venues. Reiki has become so well known for having such good results as an adjunct for healing that it is even being practiced in most hospitals.

Recently, I have had several requests to offer these workshops again. I think it is in response to the helplessness that people are feeling in the face of Covid-19.

Remember, Reiki is as good for the person delivering it as well as the recipient.


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