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Bonding on Zoom

Last night was bittersweet. It was the last session of my 10-week Zoom

series: Journey into Qigong for Self-Healing. This series began at the

beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 and was supposed to run for 10

weeks, but actually we just ended our 40 th week.

Never could I have imagined how important this group of women would

become to each other over the last year and a half. Yes, they came online

to learn about and practice Qigong for healing themselves on all levels:

physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but the bonding that took

place among a group of women who for the most part had never met in

person was nothing less than miraculous.

It was obvious when the first 10-weeks were about to end that they wanted

to continue. So, I created 3 more 10-Week Programs: The Ten Phases of

Qigong, Internal Qigong, and Using Qi in Your Everyday Life. I am now

developing the fifth 10-week Program, Practicing Wellbeing, that will

begin again in September 2021.

As I said, last night was bittersweet. It was bitter because we all decided to

take a summer break and I will miss seeing and working with this group of

18 amazing women for the next 2 months. It was sweet because I realized

the impact we had on each other’s lives and that we would all be together

again in the fall.

Reflecting on the months together I realize that we represented the “Flow of

Life”. Each woman started with her own story and whatever she was

dealing with in her life that was blocking her flow and causing havoc. As the

weeks evolved and the stories unfolded the blockages dissipated with the

magic of sharing and the alchemy of Qigong.

We bridge six generations from early twenties to almost eighty, and span

many of the issues, illnesses, joys, and sorrows facing women today as we

grow closer to becoming our authentic selves.

We celebrated the graduation of one woman from college into the men’s

world of construction engineering, supported two women in the throes of

chemotherapy and watched as they transformed from scared, angry, and

helpless to oozing love, confidence, acceptance, and joy. We helped

several women lessen the severe physical pain of rheumatoid arthritis and

a back injury and buoyed another who was assisting in the care and

preparation for death of a dear friend. We also ushered a few women into

reinventing themselves in retirement.

By far the most poignant occurrence was the final “goodbye” of a beautiful

lady who had healed from the inside out and was able to be fully present

and full of grace and yes even joy, as she realized that she had been given

the gift of being able to say goodbye to friends, just a few days before her

death. She in turn gave us all a gift in witnessing her courage and faith.

Jane, one of the participants summed up the group this way…” I felt as if I

was in a holy circle of the most wonderful people, thoughts, and ideas in

the world. It was as if I had come home to my “Tribe”. Being with you, Judy,

and the other wonderful women has been a thrilling experience”.

I am not sure how much the pandemic conditions added to the power and

intimacy of this group or if it could happen again without covid, but I am

willing to try.

A new group will be forming on Zoom this coming Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

I know it won’t be the same, but I am willing to bet it will have it’s own brand

of richness and vibrancy that only a group of “growth seeking” women can


I have always said, “I teach because then I have to show up”. But the truth

is I teach because I always gain more than I could ever give.

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