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Discovering My Qi (Energy) in Qigong

Have you ever found yourself completely out of energy? I mean just drained, like a ragdoll or like someone pulled the plug and left you completely empty. Worst of all your brain is no longer providing any clarity and you cannot figure out how you are ever going to feel energized again. I am sure many of you can relate to this scary feeling. Perhaps after an illness or a stressful time of taking care for a loved one.

The past two weeks have been particularly stressful for me and my husband. We are the sole survivors of an adopted family member. We are now in charge of all of his arrangements and affairs in another state. As a recluse who never married, he lived his whole life in the same house. He was a quirky, eccentric character, and an electronic and audio genius in his own right. He earned the love of my children and grandchildren as a favorite uncle who was part of every family holiday and never missed the kids activities and performances over the years.

The past two weeks have been spent beginning the process of sorting and digging out 78 years clutter from his parents house. If you have ever watched any of the Hoarders shows on TV, you will have an idea of what we are facing. After getting up at 4 AM and traveling to Connecticut and working in the house for eight hours I crashed, physically, mentally, and emotionally and wondered how I would get through two weeks of this.

The next morning, I realized I had not taken the time to do my Qigong practice the day before and knew that if I did not rely on Qigong my mental and physical health were going to pay a big price for taking on this enormous task. From then on, each day I spent a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night doing my regular Qigong practice and everything shifted. I found I was able to do the physical work required all day long and still have energy to visit with family and friends every night…and I wasn’t even sore.

I share this because I have a mission of getting the word out… that you are missing a valuable resource if you have not discovered how to gather and use the Qi (energy) that is available to you in your everyday life.

Qigong is an amazingly simple practice with immediate benefits. Just by using your conscious mind to align with the resources in nature, mother earth, and the universe you can rejuvenate your own energy in a matter of minutes. By practicing Qigong for even 20 minutes several days a week you can restore your energy level and experience a vitality that will have you feeling 20 years younger.

In the first phase of Qigong, you discover that Qi exists in us and all around us and learn breathing techniques, visualizations, and exercises for accessing this energy. There are also three promises of cultivating a Qigong practice:

  1. Qi is free and available to everyone

  2. There are immediate stress management and health benefits

  3. It is easy to learn and do and doesn’t require any equipment or space

So, the next time life’s difficulties kick you in the gut and drain your energy look into Qigong as a solution. I can guarantee if you try it, you will be hooked!

I will be sharing information about each of the Ten Phases of Qi Gong each month.

Judy Milinowski offers:

  • 2 FREE 2-hour Introduction to Qigong Workshops on Tuesday June 8th 4 – 6 PM and Sunday June 13th 4 – 6 PM

  • 3 FREE weekly Qigong classes via Zoom and 2 at Barrett’s Park in Boothbay Harbor, Maine – See Schedule on Website

  • 10-Week Workshops: Journey into Qigong for Self-Healing via zoom

  • Qigong Teacher / Holistic Healer Training Program Starting in September 2021

  • Private Qigong/Reiki Healing Sessions


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