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Touching the Surface

Intro Class

Next  - 2hr Free Introduction to "Journey into Qi Gong for Self-Healing"
                                TO BE ANNOUNCED
Lower your stress level, boost your immune system, take charge of your health in 2024!  

This FREE Introductory overview will give you a sense of the benefits and depth of Qi Gong and a glimpse into secrets and magic of this amazing alternative approach to health and wellbeing.​​ Qi Gong is not only a healing practice but a tool for empowerment and a spiritual path. Through the use of Qi Gong practices we can tap into the power that operates the universe. ​

The Practice of Qi Gong includes: 

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Gentle Movement (often pictured in China in a park or in front of a large body of water)

  • Meditation

  • Visualization / Guided Imagery


​Learn a contemporary approach to mastering one of the three prongs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 


The 3 Promises of Qi Gong:

  1. Qi Cultivation is Free. it is everywhere and available to everyone and it easy to learn and practice. Qi Cultivation used intentionally can resolve any challenge and/or enhance any function. 

  2. Every person who uses Qi Cultivation Methods consistently experiences some form of health improvement and personal access to greater energy and personal power.

  3. Qi Cultivation is EASY...if you let it be. 

(Until further notice, all classes take place over Zoom)

"Judy leads her classes with care and is genuinely kind. She treats each of her students as if they are the only ones in the class. 


Judy’s Qigong classes teach you a practice that is easy to follow and simple to integrate into your own daily practice. Judy’s healing spirit and years of experience is genuine."

Anne Spelman

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